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From year 2012 , I set up Global Exploration office in China, to organize youngsters explore to the Netherlands and even more other european countries. Some dutch friends and host schools show us tremendous help and support on hosting the students , communication with the school etc.

When i flash back all the groups ’ actives and their feedbacks of the trip, I learned a lot from the groups . Meanwhile , People found almost all the students have showed their expectation to see the world and dialog with their peers, and it is such an opportunity and benefit to let the kids travel when they are young.

1 people of different cultures

Chinese students, are shy, intelligent, hardworking, responsible and conscious of personal and family, Through dialog with with their European peers, friendly school teachers, parents of host families, they will feel the Dutch enthusiasm ,Friendliness, respect for people, and a sense of the way in which the people of the highly qualified developed countries deal with others.

2 Humanistic landscape of different cultures

Different from the traditional oriental architectural forms, European buildings  are majestic, exquisite and beautiful, with rich colors. They have experienced the architectural art, clothing and painting influenced by different cultures. Music, the crystallization of human art. children’s curiosity may  stimulate them to think more , sow a seed of love , art and creation for their future.

3 Education in different cultures

Join the classroom of Dutch schools , learn the education system  of European primary/middle schools, feel free and open study atmosphere, the Chinese students may inspired to select  a  new way of learning .

4 Real foreign English environment

Language learning needs practice ,  where there must be  a completely pure English-speaking environment. Students’ experience of language learning can stimulate students’ interest in language learning and the necessity of learning English.

Above all , we think we will do our best to build the bridge for the kids in the world , to make a better and more understandable world.

Chairwoman of SGE China, Mahui 马慧


Chinese guide - Yirui Su

2018, Summer. This year, I had a great chance to spend my summer in an interesting and meaningful way, which is working for global. In July, I led a group of high school students from the Netherlands traveling in China. We went to 4 provinces, 8 cities in 3 weeks. In August, I went to the Netherlands with a group of Chinese children for 2 weeks. It was so impressive for me to see the importance of culture-learning by standing 2 different perspectives. Be open-minded and appreciate different cultures are way more important for teenagers to build an inclusive and understanding community.