“Succes depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure” (Confucius) During a Global Exploration year, participants, teachers and medical counselors are offered a number of training courses. These trainings form an essential part of an experience with Global Exploration and aim to prepare travelers as good as possible for the experience that will await them during the internship. In the end, the training course contributes considerably to the ultimate goal of Global Exploration: Global Citizenship. Below is a brief outline of the training courses that are offered. More information can always be requested via:

Teacher Training 1

During this first training moment in November the focus is on imaging around Global Exploration and a general worldview. The following training courses are offered: - Mission and Vision SGE - Update worldview - Xplore my country, a first exploration of the country that will be visited soon

Opening Global Exploration

During "the opening" all participating groups come together at one location. Everyone here receives his / her first SGE shirt and can enjoy the following training sessions: - Xplore my country & amp; the crews - Tools: Icebreakers - Tools: One Billion Rising - Framing: Gapminder

Teacher Training 2

This practical and in-depth teacher training focuses on a different theme each year. In recent years, group processes, evaluation, in-depth work forms and the sharing of good practice experiences have played a central role.

School training SGE

This training is given by the country coordinator at the participating school. The training focuses on in-depth background information about the country to be visited, the sustainable development goals and to stimulate the curiosity of the students.

The crew-masterclasses

Every crew (nature / education / health / culture) prepares a "master class" within the crew theme. These master classes are given by the participants to their fellow group members during the SGE year. In this way a group prepares itself.

The Ready2Go

For the second time this SGE year, all groups come together to receive the very last training sessions just before departure. It is time for floor: - Framing, which image will you distribute later? - Xplore my country - Tools: specific training courses are given per country - Tools: cultureshock

After travel experience

This training focuses on processing the culture shock that participants may have experienced during the internship. In addition, attention is paid to the evaluation of the program during the internship. After the training the experiences are shared with parents and sponsors.