Partner - Cambodja & Thailand

Prachawittayakarn School – Thailand

In Bantak, Thailand, there are 1 secondary and 5 different primary schools. These schools are all located in the poor neighborhoods of Bantak. Henk Stribos, former chairman of Thailand / Cambodia and former Trevianum teacher also meant taking the assignment to improve education in this environment. Together with the teachers of the different schools, he wants to focus on an intercultural society. This makes improvements to the learning and living environment of the schools.

Renovation water supply - € 3,140

At the Prachawittayakarn school there has been a renewal of the water supply and drains of the school canteen. All 880 students and 36 employees walking will see a huge improvement in hygiene. Rainwater can now also be used for more sustainable use.

Construction of an ecological garden - € 6,000

In 2017, a part of our schools in Bantak will be spending money on the construction of a school garden where students will be taught sustainable livelihood and can learn in a rich learning environment with many opportunities for practical exercises. At the school in Bantak there is a great demand for sustainable solutions to problems in Thailand. Together with our students, we will be working hard on the construction of the school garden. We will also lay a floor at one of the surrounding mountain schools so that the students can enjoy education in the normal way.

Primary school work - € 7,500

In 2016, at secondary school in Bantak, we focused on giving and improving English education. By schooling money for schools, we were able to ensure that a number of teachers could be trained. Together with the youngsters from Bantak, we visited the surrounding primary schools to perform small activities here.

Refurbishing school facilities - € 7,000

The schools in Bantak will get a makeover in 2015. This is how the classrooms will be painted. This will be done with the help of our students and local partners. New materials will also be purchased. Think of tables and chairs. (previously sat with mostly on the ground). A number of teachers will also receive English courses to improve English-language education at schools and thus give young people a better chance.

Training and facilities - € 5,000

In 2013 we will visit this project for the first time. This project has set itself the objective of catching up in the quality of education in the first year. For example, teachers will be trained, white-boards will be purchased and a number of laptops will be purchased. In this way we can provide the students with their educational needs.