Partner - Cambodja & Thailand

House of Grace – Thailand

Since 2013, SGE has been working with House of Grace (HOG). This project was set up by a Thai doctor and his two children who would like to offer a future to children with HIV/AIDS. These children are often banished by the community. HOG offers family replacement homes to these children. They do their utmost to get the children ready for society and therefore ensure that the children go to primary and secondary school. When they are old enough, HOG looks for a suitable job and helps them to join the community again.

Renovations buildings - € 5490

Various renovations and repairs are needed at the House of Grace foundation. These include removing the old roof and installing a new safe roof, laying a stable floor, painting different walls, renovating different rooms where boys and girls can do their homework and renovating a bathroom. This can be achieved with a budget of € 4,014.50. India Haridwar Various activities can be realized at Haridwar school, such as the renovation of different classrooms and the lunch spot. A water tank can also be provided, plants can be placed and chairs and benches can be paid for. Many necessary activities to become a good quality school. This can be achieved by an amount of € 5490.

Sanitary facilities for boys - € 1,500

In 2017 we will work on the sanitary facilities for the boys. At the moment there are far too few toilets for the growing number of boys within the organization. Together with the groups we will help with the roofing and the paint work.

Construction of playroom - € 7,500

In 2015, HOG will construct a play area for the children. Together with SGE, they will ensure that a play area can be built that is both safe and dry. The children must be able to grow up in a protected and safe environment. When building, an indoor and outdoor area on which the children can play will be taken into account.

Renovation premises - € 7,500

This year HOG will be committed to the education and living environment of the children. The 75 beds of the children will be replaced in this way. Due to the heavy rain seasons and the leaking roofs, these old beds are completely rotten. The doors at the sanitary facilities will also be given a makeover so that they will last longer. There is a growing interest in the immediate environment, making it easier for local sponsors to be recruited.