Partner - Cambodja & Thailand

ChiHe Middle School

Near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, there is a high school called the ChiHe Middleschool. This is one of the few schools built in the time that Cambodia was still a French colony. The school is located in a poor part of the region and here we can realize beautiful dreams in the coming years. Together with our partners and Henk Stribos, old Chairman of Thailand & Cambodia, we have the mission to improve education in this environment. Together with the teachers of the different schools, we want to focus on an intercultural society in which students can get the best out of themselves. Improvements are made to the learning and living environment of the schools.

We visited this school for the last time in 2017.

Completion of renovation of premises - € 4,000

In 2017 we will continue to renovate one of the large school buildings. Last year the focus was on repairing the roof and this year the building will be further renovated. For example, a new floor will be created and the walls will be plastered and painted again. Together with the youngsters from the ChiHe Middleschool, our young people will help with the renovation of the building.

Start renovation rooms - € 10,300

In 2016 we will start renovating the roof of one of the main buildings of the school. At the moment, the roof is so overdue that it is impossible to teach in a safe way. The building is therefore very weather-beaten and pupils currently have to go to school on different schedules as there is far too little room to place the number of pupils. By renovating the roof and renovating the interior of this building next year, we hope to be able to place the students.