Partner - Cambodja & Thailand

CCF Mukda Village

A few hours from Phonm Pehn is CCF Mukda Village primary school. . This school has been a partner of Global Exploration since 2018. Together we want to ensure that the nearly 300 children receive education in a good and safe way. At the first visit of SGE it was clearly visible that about 300 young people were being taught in an old house that had been converted to school. SGE is with the partners the big flow students to the city to the schools.

Classrooms & teachers office

In 2020 two classrooms will be finished and one teacher's office will be built.

Build classrooms - € 5,546

Children in Community Future Organization (CCF) would like to have two extra classrooms in their school so that the 390 students can go to school in good conditions and the students can be protected against the different weather conditions. In this way, the school and the different classrooms can also be used to lend to village meetings or other types of meetings. This can be achieved for an amount of € 5,545.80.

Building classrooms - € 4,960

The CCF Mukda school is located in a small house, which is currently not suitable for providing safe education. The goal is to build a simple building, on the ground of the CCF Mukda School, with the 4,960 euros opposite the current school building to guarantee hygiene and safety. From this money a small school building is being built, with 4 classrooms, a small office and a sanitary building.