Since 2007, Tanzania has been visited during the internships of the Global Exploration Foundation (SGE). The land of the Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti will become the land of smiles for Xplore participants. During an SGE internship You will visit four schools and conclude a beautiful safari. The school visits bring both teachers and students very close to the Tanzanians. You will dance, exercise, laugh and discuss. The four schools that we visit are all within a maximum of 4 hours drive from Arusha and bring four completely different impressions and landscapes. After 2.5 weeks of surgery you can enjoy the last 2 days of a beautiful safari door Tarangire Safari Park: home of the elephants. The entire big five is here, but of course we cannot give any guarantees. Tanzania, Karibu Sana!



Chairman Hans Kitundu
Xplore-partner sinds 2007
Deelgenomen studenten 2001
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