Mongolia is on the list of Global Exploration countries since 2016. In the years that followed, the internship in Mongolia has grown into a multifaceted experience for our participants. After a direct flight with MIAT the group will arrive in Ulaanbaatar where they have the opportunity to acclimatize on the first day. Mongolia is a country in between the two giants of China and Russia. The influences of both countries can be seen and noticed. What is also special is that the vast majority of the Mongolian population have a nomadic existence and have only made the move to the big city in recent years. In addition to Ulaanbaatar. the group will visit Nalaihk (a small mining town), the Amgalan School (in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar), the Veloo Summercamp (located 80 km outside Ulaanbaatar) and the Gün Galuut NP (National Park). These different locations give a varied picture of Mongolia, a country that is completely different from the Netherlands in many respects.



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