Since 2011, Indonesia is one of the countries visited during the internships with the Global Exploration Foundation. After a long flight you will arrive in Jakarta, after which you will immediately travel to Bogor, a city in West Java. Here you will become acquainted with the Tara Foundation and you will immediately start working on various projects at the secondary schools with which the Tara Foundation cooperates. In the mountains around Bogor you will become acquainted with Indonesian culture and the life of the tea pickers. From Bogor you take a bus ride to Yogjakarta, Central Java. In Yogjakarta you visit the Wildlife Rescue Center where you come into contact with different animals. You learn about the flora and fauna and more importantly: the preservation thereof. You will also visit an international school where the focus will be on intercultural exchange. After about 20 days you will fly home from Yogjakarta via Jakarta.



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