Since 2008, India is part of the Global Exploration family. After a long flight, you will arrive in Delhi where you then take the train to Haridwar and Rishkesh; two important cities in the culture of Hinduism, which are located close to the sacred river the Ganges. The group will visit a high school and learn about the different religions in India. In the second week the group will depart to Delhi, a city with approximately 19 million inhabitants. The group will learn more about the Indian culture and the big differences in the country. After a visit to the international school the group will depart to the Village of Hope. From the busy and small streets in old Delhi a visit of the peaceful place of the Taj Mahal is planned. A week with many different impressions. The last week Jaipur will be visited, which is also called the pink city. The Prayas Foundation is visited, a high school and multiple sights are visited. After three weeks all students will depart with their luggage full of experiences and new memories.



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