China has been a part of the Global Exploration family since 2011. After a long flight, the group will arrive in Beijing where you will get the chance to acclimatize. In the first week, a visit of two high school is planned and multiple sightseeing activities will be done next to the school visits. From Beijing the group will travel by train to Qingdao, a big city at sea. The visit to Qingdao is mainly focused on intercultural exchange where you will stay in host families. The group will also visit an elderly home and another high school. Afterwards, the group will travel from Qingdao to Chengdu which is a beautiful city full of history and home to the panda's. Here, next to sightseeing activities, the group will visit the Butuo Special Education School where you will do some let's work activities and play with the children and learn from each other. After three weeks, you will arrive home with many new experiences and many memories.



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