Transparency is very important to us at the foundation of Global Exploration. We are happy to show which expenses are incurred each year. Here you can see, in different ways, how the finances are managed in the organization of the Global Exploration. Each student pays a personal contribution of € 900. Additionation to that, each participant collects € 1800  sponsormoney. The total amount of € 2,700 is spent as follows:


The financial annual reports and the annual accounts of the Global Exploration Foundation, made by MK adviseurs (accountants), can be found below:

These reports are – unfortunately- only available in Dutch

Financial report 2018

Financial report 2017        Annual report 2017

Financial report 2016        Annual report 2016

Financial report 2015        Annual report 2015

Financial report 2014

Financial report 2013

Financial report 2012

Financial report 2011

Financial report 2010

Financial report 2009