Together one world!

The foundation of Global Exploration (SGE) tries to structurally contribute
through world citizenships structurally by creating the chance for students to explore the world and achieve behavioural change among those students. In this way SGE organizes projects for education in low and middle income countries. The foundation has no profit motive. We work together with some twenty secondary schools in a long-term partnership. We also have more than thirty partners from countries all over the world. Our motto is: “Together one World!

World Citizenship

Dutch students bring a visit to our foreign, local partners. Learning, talking, playing sports, singing and working together. To learn that people are different across the globe, and understanding that that is okay.

To learn together: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), as seen in figure 1, form the theoretical underpinning of the internship. The knowledge that students gained during their preparation period can be put into practice by the numerous activities that will prepared in cooperation with the local students in the host country with respect to these goals.

To live together: Dutch students stay in host families or sleep at schools. This way, the students can learn about the daily life, how to communicate, food and drinks and the way of working in the host country.

To be together: By closely living together for three weeks, realization of interdependence with others will grow. What happens there – so far away – also influences life in the Netherlands.

School for schools

Not travelling with empty hands is what we aim for. In all countries, we work together with local initiatives and projects who can use financial support. Because of this, they can create a better and bigger impact in their society. We help these initiatives and can actually see that the collected sponsorship money is well spent. We work closely together with the Wild Geese Foundation, which ensures a responsible spending of funds and a clear report afterwards.

Let’s work

On sight, the Dutch students work together with local peers to help the projects. Locally, our partners will see which projects need some ‘let’s work’ support. Examples are: The care of leprosy patients in the Village of Hope (India), the improvement of a playground, the construction of vegetable gardens at a school in Arusha (Tanzania), the construction of irrigation systems at an ecological centre (Nepal), and many more.

Global Awareness

First, it is important that the students’ own experiences are processed and that the so-called reversed culture shock is dealt with. We can broaden this support by not only creating awareness among the participants but also among their peers at school. The whole school will be involved in the project, for example by giving presentations in classes about their journey of becoming a world citizen.

The total duration of the Xplore process is a full year. In the preparatory phase, the students set to work with various training sessions in four different crews: Health, Nature & amp; Environment, Culture & amp; Economy and Education and Recreation.

In addition, much attention is paid to the Sustainable Development Goals, global citizenship and interculturality. The impact of the project on the young people and their environment is assessed by means of a behavioral measurement set up in collaboration with CIDIN. For a number of years now, Global Exploration has also offered internships for people who are not attending a participating high school or for people who would like to do a second or third internship. The number of so-called Global + trips is growing every year! These are accessible to both Alumni, who are already experienced SGE ambassadors, but also to people who have never done an internship at Global Exploration. If you are interested in such an internship, you can contact us via